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About Mandapeta

Mandapeta is a municipality town in the East Godavari district of the Indian state to Andhra Pradesh. The town is known for its rice mills and various famous leaders. 

Economy of Mandapeta

We know that the town is famous for its rice mills hence it is understood that the main occupation of the people of the town is working in those mills. Also, there are various rice fields on the outskirts of the town. These fields also require a lot of labor work thereby opening job opportunities for those living n the town of Mandapeta. The town also has various shops, store and local markets which also contribute to the revenue generated in the town.

How to reach Mandapeta

Mandapeta By Road
The government has extended its APSRTC bus services to the town of Mandapeta as well. This bus services helps in connecting this town to various other major cities in the country. There are regular buses available to the town of Mandapeta. The government has also set up bus stations to make it easier for passengers to access the bus services.

Reaching Mandapeta By Rail
Although the town has its own railway station it is advised to take a train to the Dwarapudi Railway station which is 140 km away from the town. The trains are available at a regular basis to the Dwarapudi station. Another busy station nearby Mnadapeta Station is that of Anaparti which is at a distance of 6km from the town but the frequency of trains to this is much less when compared with that of the Dwarapudi Station.

Reaching Mandapeta By Air

Manadapeta does not have its own airport but the nearest airport to the town is that of Rajahmundry. The Rajahmundry airport is 6km away from the town. Another nearby airport is Vijaywada Airport which 140 km away from the town. Flights are available regularly to both the airports connecting the town to various major cities.

Tourism and Places to See in Mandapeta

The town of Mandapeta is commonly known for its rice mills. The rice mills act as attraction to various researchers as well as businessmen! There are various other things that can be enjoyed while in town some which include shopping sprees, dinners and even theatre experiences.

Restaurants in Mandapeta

Mandapeta has various restaurants ranging from roadside food to proper dining experiences. Here is a list of some restaurants one can try while in town.

Krishna Kalyani Family Restaurant
Address: Beside Annapurna High School, Alamuru Road, Mandapeta, Andhra Pradesh 533308
Phone: 099496 77977

Green Park Family Restaurant
Address: Ravulapalem Mandapeta Road, Srinagar, Mandapeta, Andhra Pradesh 533308, Mandapeta, Andhra Pradesh 533308
Phone: 088552 33433

CFC Restaurant
Address: Sri Surya Towers, Opp Bus Stand, Cinema Road, Mandapeta, Rajamahendravaram, Andhra Pradesh 533308
Phone: 088862 71111

Shopping in Mandapeta

For all shopaholics these malls and shops might help you to fulfill your satisfaction. 

Municipal Complex
Address: Townhall Road, Gandhi Nagar, Mandapeta, Andhra Pradesh 533308

Manyam Jewellers
Address: 533308, 8-1-3/1, Mandapeta Market Rd, Tarawani Peta, Mandapeta, Andhra Pradesh 533308
Phone: 098491 48487

Sri Venkat Lakshmi Cut pieces
Address: 25, Mandapeta Market Rd, New Colony, Mandapeta, Andhra Pradesh 533308
Phone: 090148 62127

Hotels in Mandapeta

The town also offers an exquisite stay experience. Here is a list of hotels and lodges that the town has.

Sri Kanya Lodge
Address: Opp.Sri Vijaya Mahal,,cinema road, Mandapeta, Andhra Pradesh 533308
Phone: 095050 60600

Surya Grand Lodge
Address: Alamuru Road, Ravulapalem Mandapeta Rd, Sangita Venkat Reddy Nagar, Mandapeta, Andhra Pradesh 533308
Phone: 095506 61999

Hospitals and Pharmacies in Mandapeta

Despite being a small town it is ready in case of any medical emergency.

Some hospitals and pharmacies are being listed here.

Bikkina Nursing Home
Address: Ravulapalem Mandapeta Rd, Srinagar, Mandapeta, Andhra Pradesh 533308
Phone: 090001 84979

Dr. Sri Hari Choudhary Hospital
Address: Sangita Venkat Reddy Nagar, Mandapeta, Andhra Pradesh 533308
Phone: 088552 33094

Shanti Children’s Hospital
Address: 4-19-41/4, Shanti Children's hospital road, near Rajaratna theatre, Mandapeta, Andhra Pradesh 533308
Phone: 088552 32049

Fire Station in Mandapeta

The town is also ready in case of any fire emergencies.
Mandapeta Fire Station
Address: Maredubaka Rd, Mandapeta, Andhra Pradesh 533308 
Phone: 088552 32102

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